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In my opinion Franklin, Tennessee is really one of the best places you can imagine living. I personally own real estate in Franklin and I would suggest you take a close look at the homes for sale here.

Franklin TN Real Estate – An Award-Winning Oasis of Southern Hospitality

Franklin, Tennessee is located a mere 14 miles from the trendy spot of Downtown Nashville, but despite their close proximity on the map, these two cities feel as though they are a century apart.  Downtown Franklin has been undergoing revitalization efforts over the last two decades and the result is a uniquely whimsical historic district filled with incredible homes and merchants ranging from antique shops, gift shops, book stores, art galleries, and specialty boutiques.

With its brick sidewalks and quaint assortment of buildings, it is no wonder that Franklin has been the recipient of several awards over the years.  In 1995 the National Trust for Historic Preservation held their first annual “Great American Main Street” competition.  Only five coveted spots were available and Franklin received one of the prestigious titles.  Since then, the city has been repeatedly praised by various publications.  Some of the honors bestowed upon Franklin TN are the “Best Small Town in Tennessee,” “America’s Most Romantic Main Street” and “One of America’s Greatest Antique Destinations.”  In addition to these distinctions, in May 2012 Livability.com ranked Franklin #4 on their list of Best Places to Visit for Historic Preservation.  And most recently, Travel + Leisure Magazine dubbed Franklin as the 8th Best Town in the Nation.

Franklin has a relatively small population with approximately 66,000 residents, but that represents an astounding 58% increase since the year 2000.  And despite its small size, you might see a big name celebrity passing through town.  Several famous country music stars and professional athletes have chosen Franklin as their home.  Of course, the locals believe very strongly in southern hospitality so the unspoken rule is to allow these famous neighbors to wander through town without being hassled.

Although the average person may not be able to buy a house next door to Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, Franklin is filled with a variety of stunning subdivisions that capture the magic of the city’s southern roots.  Housing is available in a wide range of prices to suit everyone’s needs.  Franklin is a popular choice amount people who work in Nashville because it offers proximity to the big city while providing a small town lifestyle.  But the secret is out – this once “little known treasure” is rapidly gaining popularity which helped the housing market rebound after the recession.

People are attracted to Franklin because of the exceptional educational opportunities and amazing outdoor amenities that are available throughout the community.  Williamson County Schools have repeatedly been recognized as some of the best in the state which makes this town very appealing to families.  Plus, residents have access to over a dozen parks that extend beyond 700 acres.  Mother Nature painted a magnificent backdrop in middle Tennessee which makes for beautiful afternoons spent walking the fitness trails, taking the kids to the playground, relaxing in the picnic areas, or striking up friendly competition on the sports fields.  And because the crime rate in Franklin is only one-third of the national average, residents feel comfortable participating in these outdoor activities.  When you combine the old world charm of this small town with the family atmosphere in Franklin TN, you are left with a safe and appealing place for the families to gather.

History of Franklin, Tennessee

Some of the most dramatic battles of the Civil War took Place in Franklin and the rich history attracts visitors from all over the country because of these important historic locations throughout Franklin. At the same time, there is still plenty of new growth. Bloomberg business week magazine calls Franklin one of the top 50 cities to start a small business. There are also several fortune 500 companies located here.

Do you ever wonder how to choose a Franklin TN Realtor? Well in this video I go into some of the questions you want to make sure you ask a real estate agent before you decide to hire them.

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