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The unexpected truth about listing your home in the nashville area in 2014

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Are you thinking of buying a home, but you still have one to sell?  Today you’ll learn how to save thousands while still getting top dollar for your home.  Sarah from Franklin TN sent the following question to real estate expert Monte Mohr:

“We really like the idea of saving 3% when selling our home with your We Sell Homes 4 Free Program. That would be a $7,000 savings for us.  We don’t understand though, why you would do this, and how you get paid if you don’t charge for your services. Noting is free; where is the catch?”

This is a really great question, and I hear it all the time; why do I do this?  And how do I get paid?  Here’s the background on how the program got started and the details on how it works…

About four years ago, after I had spent several years watching people struggle to sell their homes in a housing market that had crashed, I thought to myself, “What can I do to help? What can I bring to the economy to make a difference?”  Then I thought, what more could I do than bring my services and expertise to the table for free for those individuals who are looking to buy another home, since I still have to make a living somehow.

Here’s a basic breakdown of how the program works.  A typical real estate commission ranges between 5-7% of the selling price; let’s use 6% for this example.  Of that 6% commission, 3% goes to the buyer’s agent (the person representing the buyer in the transaction), and 3% goes to the listing agent (the person working to sell your home).  What I am doing is waiving the entire 3% portion of the commission on the listing side – while continuing to do over 100 things to market your home and get it to the closing table – and doing it all for free.  There is no catch, it’s not a gimmick, there are no add-on fees, and there is absolutely no charge.  I will do it all for free with the promise that the seller will then buy their next home through me.  The beautiful thing about this is that the seller doesn’t pay me anything for the listing portion of getting their home sold, and they pay me nothing when it comes to buying a home because the seller of the next place pays me.  It’s an absolute win-win situation.

Last year we sold 70 homes and 19 of those home owners sold their home for free with our We Sell Homes 4 Free Program; that amounted to a combined savings of $168,000 in typically charged real estate fees.   My biggest challenge is getting people to believe there is no catch.  In the last four years we’ve saved middle TN home owners over $450,000 in typically charged real estate commissions.

Our goal at the Mohr Group over the next three years is to save local home sellers a combined $1 million in typically charged real estate fees.  That is our mission, so if you know someone who is thinking about buying a home, but has one to sell first, do them a big favor and tell them about this program – it will be a big blessing for them.  The program really works!

Happy Customers of the Week

Kathy and Jerry from Mt. Juliet priced their home correctly and we sold it in 2 days for more than their asking price.  And they saved over $6,000 in fees.

If you need help buying or selling your home call The Mohr Group at Office: 615-661-4400 or you can reach Monte directly by calling (615) 300-8393.

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