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How to Save Thousands When Selling Your Home

Do you want to save thousands of dollars when selling your house in today’s market?  Real estate expert Monte Mohr is happy to show you how to accomplish your goal.  As always, we have some great questions that were sent in by people just like you.

Sarah from Franklin TN wrote in and asked…

“We love the idea of saving the 3% when selling our home with your We Sell Homes 4 Free program.  That would mean a savings of over $7,500 for us.  We do not understand though how you get paid if you don’t charge for your services.  My husband says nothing is for free, where’s the catch? Please explain.”

First off I’d like to say that in most cases that is absolutely true – nothing is for free.  But in all sincerity, in this case it is true – I actually come to work for free.  The way it typically works is that you will pay a 6% commission when selling your home.  Of that, 3% of that commission goes to the buyer’s side and 3% goes to the listing (seller’s) side.  In my case, when somebody is willing to buy a home, but they have one to sell first, I give up that 3% listing commission when I sell their home.  There are no other fees attached to it; so I’m literally coming to work for absolutely free if they are buying another home.  I charge nothing to sell their home and when they decide which home they want to buy, the seller of that home will pay me the 3% commission on that transaction.  In a nutshell, I will earn 3% after selling two homes, but my seller won’t pay me anything.  So if you are going to buy another home anyway, it’s a really great deal!

Jenny from Nolensville inquired…

“Our home has been on the market for almost 6 months and the listing is about to expire. We watch you all the time on Channel 4 and would like to use you sell our home but we’re not buying another one.  Can you still sell our home even though we are not buying another home?  What is the commission that you charge if we are not buying another home?”

I hear this question from time to time because people think that since I promote my We Sell Homes 4 Free program that’s all I do.  But I do everything that any other real estate broker does that’s full service.  In this case, as far as the commission goes, just remember that everything is negotiable.  Just like that refrigerator in the kitchen, commissions are negotiable as well.  In a situation like this I’d like to sit down with Jenny, take a look at the home and make sure there is a good match.  Then we could discuss specific numbers.  Everything is negotiable.

Bill in Spring Hill sent in the following question…

“We do not have much equity in our home and need to get all we can so we can purchase the next home.  We have decided to try to sell without the help of a Realtor to save on costs.  Can you tell us what the closing costs will be for a $230,000 home and where we can get a sales contract and all the other paperwork required when selling?”

I can understand that someone would try to sell their home using For Sale by Owner as a way to save money.  I can totally respect that choice, which is why I started my program.  I know that a lot of people are in this situation right now because the equity just isn’t there.   First of all, I’d be glad to provide my closing attorney’s information and he can supply a contract and so forth.

As far as the cost to sell, it runs around 1-1/2% of the sales price, but be sure to add 3% to that because 90% of all qualified buyers are in the hands of a real estate professional.  So the total cost would be about 4-1/2%.    But it sounds like Bill will be buying another home so I would ask him this, “Why would you do that? You don’t have to!”  It would be like going to your favorite restaurant and waiting on your own table; pouring your own wine, cooking your own meal, washing your own dishes and then being presented a $150 bill at the end of the day.  Why would you do that?  You wouldn’t do that!   If you’re going to buy another home and you’ve got me here in town that will go to work for you for free – so why would you do it yourself?  Why go through all the hassle when you don’t have to?

There are no smoke and mirrors, I promise!  Last month I sold several homes totally for free.  I am always busy, but never too busy.  I love helping people; that’s what I love to do.  We have some testimonials of people who sold their home really quickly.

Happy Customers of the Week

Jerry and Kathy from Mt. Juliet sold their home in 3 days for full price and they saved over $6,000. Kathy is a retired realtor who knew exactly what I was bringing to the table.  At first she couldn’t believe it, but when she sat down and looked over all the details she said, “Monte why would I do this myself?”  She was going to be doing it herself since she used to be an agent and she knew she’d be paying 3% to the other side.

If you need help buying or selling your home call The Mohr Group at (615) 376-4500 or you can reach Monte directly by calling (615) 300-8393.

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