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Selling Homes For FREE – Too Good to Be True?

If you’re thinking about buying a new home, but you face the challenge of selling one first, real estate expert Monte Mohr has some tips on how you can achieve your goals and still save thousands.

Sarah owns a home in Franklin TN and she asked…

“We really like the idea of saving the 3% when selling our home with your We Sell Homes 4 Free program, but we don’t understand how you get paid if you don’t charge for your services.  My husband says nothing is for free, so where’s the catch?  Please explain.”

I tackle this question all the time.  The biggest challenge with my We Sell Homes 4 Free program is that people don’t believe it – people just don’t believe that I’ll actually go to work for free.  Let me explain how I came up with this program: about 3 years ago I saw the market tanking and I thought to myself, “What can I do to help people sell their home during the most difficult time in our history?”  And then I thought, “What more could be done than to come to the table for free?

But of course I’ve got to make a living and I’ve got to stay in business.  So I decided to pursue the niche market of those who want to buy a home, but have one to sell first.  If you have a house to sell, I’ll waive the entire listing portion of the commission fee (which means I’ll sell your house for free) if you promise to purchase your next home through me.  That means I sell two homes and get paid on one – and it is working!  It is a win-win situation because a seller who lists with me does not pay me to sell their home and when they go forward and purchase their next home, the seller of the next home pays my entire commission; so my clients do not pay me anything at all.

This has been such a successful program there are several success stories worth sharing.

Rosanne and Carl from Thompson’s Station wanted to downsize from a two-story and move into a one level home.  We sold their home, in a tough market, in about 30 days for almost full price.  Plus they saved over $6,000 by using my We Sell Homes 4 Free program.

Ophelia has another great story out of Hendersonville.  She and her family have used my services twice and this time her home sold in less than 60 days and she saved over $7,500.  She said she’d never use anyone else since she’s saved so much money by me selling her home for free.

Kim from Franklin had gone through three other agents who had been unable to sell her home in Leiper’s Fork.  When she listed with me we were able to reduce the price and sell her home saving her $25,000.  When you take away that 3% commission fee, you’re able to lower the asking price to a different price point that increases your odds of getting people through the front door.  Once she sold, she was able to purchase her dream home.

Thomas and Kristi are Channel 4 viewers from Hendersonville who had seen other success stories on TV and they decided to use my We Sell Homes 4 Free program.  We sold their home in approximately two weeks and saved them $9,000.  They were able to downsize just as they’d hoped when they found their next home.

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