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Ways to Save Money When Selling a Home With No Equity

Are you thinking of buying a new home, but still have a home to sell first in this market?  Wouldn’t it be great if you could sell your home for top dollar and save thousands in the process?  Real estate expert Monte Mohr can explain how this is possible.

Gerald and Cherry from Franklin wrote in a while back and asked a really great question…

“We bought our home a few years ago and have little or no equity so we’re thinking of trying to sell on our own without the help of a real estate professional to save on costs.  We want to build a new 1 level home to get away from having to climb stairs at our age.  Will your program work for us or should we try to do it on our own?”

I got this question from this wonderful family a few months ago and the first thing I shared was this: selling your home in today’s world isn’t what it used to be.  By that I mean, it’s one thing to get it under contract, it’s a whole other thing to get it to the finish line.  Getting it to closing is much more difficult because the financing world has changed so much.  So I don’t recommend that anyone try that on their own, especially in light of the fact that I have a “We Sell Homes 4 Free” program designed to help people in this situation.

Choosing to sell your home without professional help is the same as going to your favorite restaurant, waiting on your own table, cooking your own meal, washing your own dishes, and then at the end of the night being presented with a $100 bill; nobody would do that!  To sell your home on your own, when all of my services are available for free, would be like doing that very same thing.

So Gerald and Cherry took my advice, they used my services to sell their home for free, and only 3 days later we sold their home for almost full price and they saved almost $8,850.  Now this wonderful family is building the home they can retire in.  One of the reasons their home sold so quickly is because they only paid a 3% commission instead of a 6% commission which allowed them to drop their price from $309,000 to $299,000.  There are a lot more buyers available at $299,000 than there are at $309,000.

Another great question came from Karleen in Franklin who asked…

“I want to sell my home that is worth around $250,000 and then purchase a small condo to be closer to my daughter who lives in Mt. Juliet.  Will your ‘We Sell Homes 4 Free’ program work if I am sizing down that much?  The equity in my home is all the money I have and the savings would be very helpful!”

Karleen’s daughter is a Channel 4 view who had her call me.  She said, “Mom, call this guy – I think he’ll save you a lot of money.”  So Karleen called me and sure enough in about two weeks we got full price for her house, she saved $8,720 in the process, and now she lives closer to her grandkids.

Now this program, “We Sell Homes 4 Free” is no longer an experiment.  This year alone, we’ve already sold 19 homes free of charge; that’s over 5 million dollars’ worth of real estate sold free of charge!   We saved Middle Tennessee residents over $160,000 in commission costs.  The program is really working so if anyone is thinking of buying a home but they have one to sell first, I highly recommend they call me.  Who doesn’t want to save that kind of money?

If you need help buying or selling your home in today’s market, call The Mohr Group at (615) 376-4500 or you can reach Monte directly by calling (615) 300-8393.


  1. Dona Kahl says:

    This program seems awesome; however I live in Kentucky and have a log home on Barren River Lake that we have been trying to sale for 5 years. We have listed with numerous realtors but most place a MLS listing and hope that attracts buyers. Our home is on 4 acre’s with a boat dock and is surrounded by government property on 3 sides (very secluded and private). The home was custom built in 2004, logs are Cypress 3 bedrooms 2 bath 1800 sq ft. Appraised in 2010 for $290,000 currently listed for $277,777 and is set to expire with realtor May 31st. We are needing to sell due to financial reasons of daughter will be going to college soon and we need to down size to free up cash. What do you suggest since we are in KY and not the Nashville area

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